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Meet our owner, Rai Burns. She is a Wife, Mom, Survivor and a third generation Entrepreneur. Her adversities surrounding her depression and weight issues, sparked Rai to make a Lifestyle change that provoked the birth of Raispire Lifestyle.




 In 2016 Rai endured physical, mental and emotional abuse from a prior partner. This caused her to go into a deep state of depression where she gained a good amount of weight. Being over 200 lbs for her height started to cause medical issues, and Rai knew that it was time for a lifestyle change. She gained the courage to leave her abuser and started her-self love journey.


Rai worked out in the gym and started a Keto Lifestyle. She started to notice her weight loss and loved the confidence that it was giving her. During her journey, Rai started looking for outfits that felt comfortable enough to wear daily. At the time, she couldn't find a brand that was affordable nor versatile; RaiSpire Lifestyle was born (2020). She wanted to create a brand that spoke volumes about instilling confidence in women of all sizes and shapes. Her brand makes you regain the self-love that you need to feel like yourself again.


What we value most shouldn't cost more nor skip out on quality. RaiSpire Lifestyle Apparel is known for outfits that will not break the bank and of the highest quality. Rai sources material from reputable vendors and vet all outfits before she places them out on the site. Our outfits are made to serve multipurpose occasions; dress them up for a night out or wear them around the house for comfort. Look good, feel healthy, and be confident in the skin that you are in while wearing an outfit from Raispire Lifestyle.


RaiSpire Lifestyle's mission is to make all EVERYONE regardless of color, shape, background, or size - feel like they can conquer the world in our performance and athleisurewear. When you put on our clothes, you regain your confidence. Our clothes are an attitude, a feeling, and a belief that being who you are is enough. We will accomplish this by continuously bettering our brand through passion, design, and innovation. Remember, wear the confidence that fits you, because that outfit looks GOOD on you!

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